Features of ESE

  • Our editors are native English speakers
  • Our editors are expert scientists with PhDs
  • Our editors have >10 years postdoc experience
  • No freelance editors
  • Manuscripts published in >400 journals
  • Clients in >40 countries
  • Client retention rate of >95%
  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Volume discounts of up to 10%
  • Guaranteed editing quality
  • Comprehensive feedback about editing
  • Assured privacy, data security, and reliability
  • Professional, friendly communications
  • Rapid replies to emails; the red box above gives the current response time
  • Company operating for >20 years
  • No marketeers or other noneditors employed
  • Website designed and coded by us, so no cookies, tracking, or malware

The price of our service (but not the editing quality) varies with the turnaround date. The table below lists the price per 270 words (in New Zealand dollars) for the turnaround dates that are currently available. You can use the price calculator below to determine the total price of your job. Simply enter the word count for your document(s) and the day number of your desired turnaround date (which must be one of those listed on the left), then press "Calculate". The total price includes a job processing fee of NZ$ 20.

Currently available turnarounds

Turnaround date
Price per
270 words
Monday 12 June: NZ$ 44.00
Tuesday 13 June: NZ$ 43.20
Wednesday 14 June: NZ$ 42.45
Thursday 15 June: NZ$ 41.70
Friday 16 June: NZ$ 40.95
Monday 19 June: NZ$ 38.65
Tuesday 20 June: NZ$ 37.90
Wednesday 21 June: NZ$ 37.10
Thursday 22 June: NZ$ 36.35
Friday 23 June: NZ$ 35.60
Monday 26 June: NZ$ 33.30
Tuesday 27 June: NZ$ 32.55
Wednesday 28 June: NZ$ 31.80
Thursday 29 June: NZ$ 31.00
Friday 30 June: NZ$ 30.25
Monday 3 July: NZ$ 28.00

Price calculator

Number of words:
Day number:
Total price:
Price per 270 words:

Please note the following points:

  1. A processing fee of NZ$ 20 is added to each editing job.
  2. Documents are returned no later than 1000 hours Universal Time on the day indicated.
  3. The shortest turnaround available for large jobs might be longer than those indicated.
  4. If you have sent us more than NZ$ 1000 worth of jobs within the previous 6 months (including the present job), you will receive a volume discount.
  5. Because we do not employ freelancers, our shortest and longest turnarounds and their prices vary with our workload and editor availability.
  6. We update our turnarounds regularly between 1900 and 1000 hours Universal Time (on weekdays and weekends), but on rare occasions the actual turnaround date will differ from that shown (e.g., when we receive a large amount of work overnight or within a short space of time). We will confirm the guaranteed turnaround date and price when we send you the quotation after we have received your document.
  7. It might be possible for us to offer a turnaround that is faster than the shortest turnaround advertised above, depending on the size of the document and our circumstances when we receive your email message. Please note that this will cost more than our fastest advertised service by an amount dependent on how short the turnaround is, but it will not exceed NZ$ 49.00 per 270 words (plus the NZ$ 20 processing fee). The actual price will be confirmed in the quotation.
  8. The above price does not include GST at 15%; however, this is only payable by clients based in New Zealand.