Features of ESE

  • Our editors are native English speakers
  • Our editors are expert scientists with PhDs
  • Our editors have >10 years postdoc experience
  • No freelance editors
  • No artificial intelligence
  • Manuscripts published in >400 journals
  • Clients in >40 countries
  • Client retention rate of >95%
  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Volume discounts of up to 10%
  • Guaranteed editing quality
  • Comprehensive feedback about editing
  • Assured privacy, data security, and reliability
  • Professional, friendly communications
  • Rapid replies to emails; the red box above gives the current response time
  • Company operating since 2000
  • No marketeers or other noneditors employed
  • Website designed and coded by us (hence the 1990s look!), so no cookies, tracking, or malware

Please send us the document (or documents) you would like us to edit as an email attachment. We use Microsoft Word 2019, and hence are able to edit files in either the Office Open XML format (e.g., with the ".docx" extension) or the Word 97/2000/2003 format (with the ".doc" extension). We also edit documents written in LaTeX source code, and can compile them to produce the formatted output files (we use TeXnicCenter and MiKTeK). If you send us a LaTeX document we will offer to edit it within Microsoft Word, since this will allow you to clearly see both the (tracked) changes we make and our endnote comments. Once you have checked the edited document, you will be able to globally remove our endnote comments, save the tracked changes, and then save the document as a text file for subsequent recompilation using a LaTeX compiler. If you are unable to read Microsoft Word documents then we will send you PDF- and text-file versions of the edited document. We are also happy to receive any supplementary files that may help us to edit your document, such as figures (in standard formats, such as PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG).

Information required

In the email message that accompanies your document, please provide the following information (the first two items are not necessary if you have used our service before, unless the details have changed since you last sent us a document for editing):

  1. Your full name, your postal address at your employing institution, and your contact mobile/cellphone number (so that we could then send you an SMS/txt message if there are ever major problems with the email system; alternatively, you could send us a WeChat ID).
  2. Two contact email addresses that are hosted at independent email domains (e.g., "joe.bloggs@university.ac.uk" and "joe.bloggs@gmail.com"), in case there are any problems with the email system at either domain when we reply to your message (or when we are ready to send you the edited document).
  3. The date on which you would like to receive your edited document, after you have consulted our price and turnaround webpage.
  4. Whether you would like your document to be edited according to British or American English.
  5. The payment method you intend using: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB) or bank transfer (note that all prices are in New Zealand dollars, and that extra fees are payable for bank transfer payments that are not in New Zealand dollars).
  6. Any general requirements that you wish the final edited document to adhere to, such as the word count or a specific style feature that differs from the norm for American or British English.

You will receive a reply from our managing editor within the email response time as indicated in the red-framed box near the top-right corner on each page of our website. This message will include confirmation of the guaranteed price and turnaround, and you will be asked to confirm acceptance of the price and turnaround within a stated deadline; if you do not do this we will assume that you have decided not to use our service. Once you have confirmed acceptance you will receive a "job confirmed" email message, and we will start editing your document.